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“BOARDWALK EMPIRE”: Top Five Favorite Season Two (2011) Episodes

Below is a list of my top five favorite episodes from Season Two (2011) of HBO's "BOARDWALK EMPIRE":


1. (2.11) "Under God's Power She Flourishes" - Following his wife Angela's death, Jimmy Darmody recalls his school days at Princeton and a fateful visit from his mother, Gillian. Nucky stumbles across a discovery that ends Agent Van Alden's career as a Federal lawman. And a confrontation between Jimmy and Gillian over Angela ends with the death of the Commodore.

2. (2.12) "To the Lost" - In this season finale, the Federal charges against Nucky are dropped after he weds Margaret. Van Alden flees Atlantic City for Cicero, Illinois. And Jimmy seeks to regain Nucky's forgiveness, after his betrayal against the political boss falls apart.

3. (2.10) "Georgia Peaches" - While Jimmy deals with the workers' strike and Nucky's new supply of Irish whiskey, Philadelphia mobster Manny Horvitz seeks revenge for Jimmy's failed attempt on his life.

4. (2.07) "Peg of Old" - Margaret visits her brother's home in Brooklyn and makes a choice that endangers her relationship with Nucky. The latter's life is in danger, when Jimmy sanctions a hit on his former mentor.

5. (2.04) "What Does the Bees Do?" - In this episode, Nucky fortifies his alliances with Arnold Rothstein and new bodyguard, Owen Sleater. The Commodore suffers a massive stroke and Chalky White faces problems with the black community and at home.
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