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Below is a gallery of photos from the 1936 adventure classic, "THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE". The movie starred Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland and Patric Knowles: Read more...Collapse )

"NEMESIS" (2007) Review

"NEMESIS" (2007) Review

Without a doubt, Agatha Christie's 1971 novel, "Nemesis", is one of her most unusual works. It is not as celebrated as 1934's "Murder on the Orient Express" or her 1926 novel, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". But it was the last novel she had written. And it possesses a slow, yet melancholic air that I find very rare in her body of work. Read more...Collapse )

"LOVE AND WAR" (1984) Book Review


LOVE AND WAR (1984) Book Review

I have stumbled across my share of "Best Civil War Novels" lists on the Internet. I have yet to come across a list that includes John Jakes' 1984 novel, "LOVE AND WAR". Read more...Collapse )

Below are images from "THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY", the 2004 adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1942 novel. The movie starred Geraldine McEwan as Miss Jane Marple: Read more...Collapse )

"STAR TREK BEYOND" (2016) Review

"STAR TREK BEYOND" (2016) Review

I might as well place all my cards on the table. I am not a fan of J.J. Abrams' reboot of the "STAR TREK" franchise. I heartily dislike the 2009 movie of the original title. And I also dislike - to a lesser degree, 2013's "STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS". So when I learned there was to be a third movie in this new franchise . . . needless to say I was not enthusiastic over the news. Read more...Collapse )

Martha Washington's Great Cake

Below is an article about the dish known as Martha Washington's Great Cake: Read more...Collapse )

Here is the sequel to the personal logs of Tom Paris, set around Voyager's second year in the Delta Quadrant: Read more...Collapse )

"THE BLACK DAHLIA" (2006) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "THE BLACK DAHLIA", the 2006 adaptation of James Ellroy's 1987 novel and the famous 1947 criminal case. Directed by Brian DePalma, the movie starred Josh Harnett, Scarlett Johansson, Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank: Read more...Collapse )

"I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU" (1951) Review


"I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU" (1951) Review

I have seen my share of time travel movies and television programs over the years. But I do not believe that I have never seen one as ethereal as the 1951 movie called "I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU". Read more...Collapse )



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